GeNNex Solar Modules


Our Solar Panels

Our Solar Panels are manufactured to the highest quality for use in hot as well as cold climates. Traditional PV solar panel colours have often been blue in colour although they are good at absorbing energy some photons (light energy) escape. Our GeNNex Black Monocrystalline hybrid solar panels absorb much more photons (light energy) from most of the light that hits it, making it much more efficient than other lower quality solar panels which have a poor conversion rate. They therefore have excellent performance under low light environments. Our panels have a high module conversion efficiency, through superior manufacturing technology. They come with a 0 to +5W positive tolerance for mainstream products and have a better mechanical strength and static loading of 5400hPa. We have included within the manufacturing enhanced anodized aluminium which improves our panels resistance to corrosion and have low iron tempered glass with high transmittance.


Our hybrid solar products range from home power systems to devices that charge all mobile phones and tablets, the solar cells we use can pick up both natural and artificial light.

Features of the GeNNex GSP Solar Modules

  • High conversion efficiency of +18%
  • Low power tolerance of 0~+3%
  • Low degradation under light exposure
  • High wind-pressure resistance
  • Resistance to Snow load and extreme temperatures
  • IEC 61215 2400 Pa Mechanical Load Test Certified Quality and Safety
  • ISO 9001 : 2008 (Quality Management System) certified
  • IEC61215, IEC61730, MCS CEC certified products
  • TUV, CE, ROHs conformity
  • 10-year warranty
  • 10-year product materials & processing technology
  • Power output warranty: (10 years – 90%, 25 years – 80%)
  • Applications : Smart / Micro grids and Solar Power Plants
  • Off-grid systems for our Power Systems
  • On-grid applications



We aim to be the solution to consumers that have minimal electricity but an abundance of sunlight; the solar products we provide give access to an efficient alternative energy that is unlimited and environmentally friendly.

GeNNex is on a continuous journey – our solar products are being worked on and innovated frequently.

All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards and meet ISO9001 to insure the highest quality products and services. All products meet CE, RoHS, KEBS, TUV and FCC standards. Our aim is to reintroduce solar power in such a way that electricity by traditional methods becomes a thing of the past!

Take a look at our solar cell range:

GeNNex Solar Cell  1 ™

The GeNNex Solar Cell 1 is a compact Solar Charger specially designed to be placed on a window sill or on the car dash board for maximum exposure. The panel is also powerful enough to charge from the normal artificial light in a room.

IMG_4327  IMG_4358

Gennex Solar Cell Video

GeNNex Solar Cell 2 ™

GeNNex Solar Cell 2 is specially designed to be placed in direct sunlight or on the car dash board for maximum exposure, the small hybrid black panel converts the light into ready to use electricity. Similar to the Solar Power Up Bag, electrical energy can also be stored on the solar cell by way of a plug socket.



GeNNex Solar Power Up Bag™

Our GeNNex Solar Power Up Bag conveniently keeps the phone protected and cool while charging. With a solar panel located on the front of the bag and a small battery located inside, the power up bag can alternate between both solar power and electricity while the user is on the go.

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For a full product range please contact us at where we can send a complete product brochure which includes product listings and technical information.