Solar Home System 1

GeNNex Home Lighting System 1

The Gennex Solar Home System 1 is an off grid portable lighting system with 3 bright LED bulbs capable of lighting 3 rooms. The unit comes with 5, 7 and 10 meter long cables for each light and has a 10m cable for the solar panel.

GeNNex solar home system provides 8.5 hours of green energy clean lighting every day and the opportunity to charge mobile phones and tablets while at home. Our technicians are trained by us and operate in the rural area to install and fit the systems.

The control unit has a USB output which is able to charge mobile phones and tablets, the unit comes with 10 different adapter heads which is common to most models of mobile phones.







Technical Specifications

● 10W Mono Solar Panel;
● 3 LED bright white bulbs – lumen value 120 LU
● Built-in Li-ion battery
● 3 cable lengths available 3m, 5m, 7m;
● 10m or 15m Cable for Solar Panel;
● USB Mobile charging with 10 adapter heads;
● Free 2 Years Replacement Warranty;

Social Impact

Across the U.K and USA. electricity from the energy utility companies costs between 8p – 10p / 10-15 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). A villager in rural Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania or Malawi not to mention other countries, pays an equivalent cost of $8 per kWh average for kerosene lighting. Our Solar System saves the average house $3 USD a week and the owners of the unit earn money using the systems as charging stations which earn the owner money daily.


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