Power Up Stand


The Power Up Stand (TM) is a mobile phone secure locker charging point, it brings huge convenience to all individuals whether it be positioned in an airport, shopping mall or at a business location. This innovative Power Up stand integrates a deposit locker, phone charger points and also has a LCD display unit, which can be used for advertising. The product is ideal for university campuses, colleges, staff rooms, tourist attractions, banks, hospitals, restaurants, sports facilities and in remote areas. Each locker space has several mini and micro plug heads which can be used with most models of phones including Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, Sony, BlackBerry and HTC to name but a few.

The Power Up Stand (TM) has the ability to charge up to 6 phones simultaneously it also includes a coin acceptor to identify and receive coins. The unit is secured using a password key that allows the user to deposit and retrieve a cell phone.

(The unit is encased in a secure steel standing body on the floor and is resists movement – Other units available in this series include the Power Up Station wall unit and Power Up Desktop point. These both charge less phones).

Gennex Power Up Stand Video Demonstration