Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously build and innovative on both new and existing technology, to introduce renewable energy in a dynamic way that is both technically and aesthetically pleasing.

More importantly our primary mission is to assist women and young people in becoming better skilled, increasing their employability skill level through training in electronics (maintenance, repair and development) and helping them to start sustainable businesses. Through our programs we aim to give entrepreneurial skills training allowing participants the tools to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment that they find themselves in.

The team at GeNNex is driven to assist and support economic growth and development in regions of low income and poverty. 

Our name has a twofold meaning: gen signifying ‘beginning’ – and ex ‘breaking out’ and leading into the next generation : GeNNex. Many people particularly have been oppressed by lack of finance and extreme poverty, at Gennex we want to help people experience the breakthrough in their life through the power of innovation and technology. We aim to always reflect our creativity in all that we do, leaving a positive impact through our products .

This is what we stand by and what we intend to do. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our products, our strategies and the ways in which technology is used

Our effort does not stop there, we are also heavily focused on donating our products to places that have the greatest need, our international team operate at ‘grass-roots’ level to ensure even those in the most remote areas are impacted.