Our Schemes

We realise that energy is important to everyone, everywhere.


Gennex is a company that seeks to create a disruptive social change in areas of low income and poverty. Across the world there are still many people that lack electricity, we believe in using the power of giving to help people lift themselves from poverty.

Here are some of our schemes:


Europe – Africa Alternative Energy Summit and Exhibitions


The 2015 Africa’s Alternative Energy Summit and Exhibition 2015 (AAESE 2015) is a unique opportunity for investors to connect with up to 300 leading Estate Developers and Energy professionals from Africa who work in a variety of government and private sectors. Our mission is to create a platform for business to business trade and we also are driven to look at strategies which will influence Governance and Policy in Africa to enable and encourage more investment into renewable s within the continent.

UK – Renewable Energy Science Program for Schools

GeNNex working alongside UK Schools are running the STEM Renewable Energy Science Program. This program is primarily aimed at year 9 girls but also includes boys, during the 4-8 week program they learn how to design, assemble, modify and build solar lanterns. These lanterns that the children build are then taken to partner schools in Africa which currently have no power. We are happy that the UK Prime Minister the Right Honourable David Cameron endorsed the program and the idea of introducing  UK young people to science and renewable energy in such an innovative way.

UK PM with GeNNex Solar Mini School Assembly Solar Lantern Program


Jamaica –  Solar Technician Training and Entrepreneur program

JN-Foundation-Square-Logo_Blue1 logo4

There are still approximately 67,000 homes in Jamaica that lack consistent energy supply. The GeNNex solar project has thus far trained six teenagers in the design / manufacturing and assembling of solar powered lanterns and also robotics. In addition, these six technicians benefited from vital business skills which they are now using to market and sell the solar products that they have built.  GeNNex has partnered with the Kimroy Bailey Foundation and with the assistance of other partners such as the Digicel Foundation our project will be scaling further into the island and wider Caribbean in the coming years.

Isupport Jamaica

 GeNNex Blueprint GeNNex Blueprint IMG_6767


Kenya - The Juakali Scheme

Partnership with Kenya Greening Initiative



Gennex have partnered with “Kenya Greening Initiative” a flagship programme coordinated by the Office of the President of Kenya. The main agenda of the programme is to catalyze demand-driven green consumerism and enhance environmental protection through public participation in green initiatives. It especially targets tree planting and diffusion of green technologies throughout the country.

The collaboration has begun with a 18 month pilot scheme across four regions in Kenya, Gennex trained 15 greening champions from the Initiative programme who then became certified Gennex technical installers. Post training they went out and installed Gennex home lighting systems in homes that were participating in the pilot. Extensive data on how the products perform is being captured on a weekly basis, the aim of the pilot is to highlight with statistical evidence that our green products are not only cleaner for the environment but also more efficient than the electricity supplies people have access to. The main agenda of the programme is to catalyze demand-driven green consumerism and enhance environmental protection through public participation in green initiatives. It especially targets tree planting and diffusion of green technologies throughout the country.

The pilot completed in January 2015 after running for 18 months the end of the pilot concludes phase one. Phase two will be market penetration and further GeNNex entrepreneurship training courses later in 2015.

 GeNNex Technicians


Kenya – Gennex Solar Ni Yetu Project

Partnership with Makiwe Multipurpose Society & Ndithini Rural Financial Services

Gennex have partnered with Makiwe Society which is a women’s group based in the Machakos region of Kenya, their ethos is to empower their member’s through socio-economic activities, community and entrepreneurial projects. The partnership will spread the Gennex Blueprint entrepreneurship scheme throughout their community and region. Empowering youth and women, giving them the know how into running a successful business, and using GeNNex products to penetrate the rural areas. The partnership aims to create a financial income source for members of the community, and also to spread Gennex products throughout the rural areas where there is no access to any electricity. The Ndithini Rural Financial Services also plays a significant role in this partnership, as they will be the micro-financier within the scheme.



Haiti – The Shai Foundation

Gennex has been working alongside the Shai Foundation and Hope Force International in Haiti. Currently Haiti only has 13% electrical power and the country has still not recovered properly post the devastating earthquake. The Shai Foundation alongside Hope force International have been helping to rebuild Haiti and GeNNex has jumped on board to assist. Many new homes have been built that lack electrical power, in addition there has been targeted work to sponsor some of the most deprived children in the country. GeNNex have donated several solar lanterns to the children and are working with the Shai Foundation to assist with the deployment of a program to bring electrical power to the region.



Malawi – Makapwa School Project

GeNNex working alongside fundraisers in the UK have helped to provide lighting for the Makapwa Primary School, Sandama, Malawi. The school started at the beginning of 2012 with no roof, no chairs or tables. Through the fundraising, donations and support of a few people in the UK. The school now has tables and chairs, a roof built, stationary, clothes, toys and solar lighting which has been provided by GeNNex.