About Us

GeNNex is a commercial business that operates with a deep social foundation, founded by award winning social entrepreneurs and engineers, the focus is to innovate on modern technology and use it to be a force for good, meeting the needs of every individual. We provide a range of black solar products and power solutions for homes, business and commercial property.

GeNNex is broken down into two arms:

1. GeNNex Elite

2. The GeNNex Blueprint (Our Social Enterprise)

GeNNex Elite is the commercial arm of the brand we provide a range of products some of which include portable solar charges for mobile phones and tablets, solar powered lanterns, solar home power systems up to 4KW.

GeNNex Elite Logo

GeNNex Blueprint is the social arm of the business which runs programs in the developing world around entrepreneurship training, education, production and maintenance of our solar products. The programs in particular are designed to assist women and young people in becoming better skilled, increasing their employability skill level and/or helping them to start a sustainable business. The entrepreneurial skills training give participants the tools to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment that they find themselves in.

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The team at GeNNex is driven to assist and support economic growth and development in regions of low income and poverty. 

Rusted old petroleum lamps

As a company we want to play a significant role in the transition from unsafe candles and kerosene lighting to our solar based bright LED lighting systems, for both portable use and homes. With our off-grid solar energy solutions we aim to assist the 1.25 billion people around the globe that currently have no access electricity. This in turn will help to slash energy bills from both the grid and electrical generators. Gennex is a company that aims to invest in the people through education and job creation.

With over 6 billion people internationally that owned a cell phone by the end of 2015, we recognise that there is a great need to be able to communicate while on the move. Traditional power options are becoming less practical for the modern generation who are constantly on the move. People today become extremely limited with drained batteries on mobile phones. As innovators, we know that mobile power, for mobile phones is the best option. We have wide range of both stored and renewable portable energy products which meets the ever increasing demand for energy.

Our innovation is continuous and as we work alongside our clients and partners we hope to further expand not only in our products, but our community. We have a strong belief in giving back and creating jobs with our initiatives, entrepreneurialism is at our center and as such we want to replicate this ethos with all people we come in contact with in the developing world.

Our aim is to allow our business and actions to affect positively in the surrounding community, having a social impact in the area of micro-finance, macro-entrepreneurship, access to education, a better lifestyle and the ability to rise above the poverty line.

Solar Elite

GeNNex is global business meeting the needs of a global community.